Poker Rules – Principles

Always pay attention when playing poker.

Poker is not just a game of chance, it depends, among other things, on a good mind, observation and basic mathematical skills.

In addition to these points, you should also consider some simple but important poker principles, so that the poker game is not an unpleasant and expensive pleasure:

– If you are tired, angry, or excited, do not play poker. These sensations cloud their decision-making. Without a clear mind you will not be able to play poker successfully, so keep your fingers away from larger amounts of alcohol.

– The strenght is to be found in serenity. Therefore, never be impatient, because sometimes there are game phases where you do not get decent cards over a longer period of time. These phases are experienced by beginners as much as by poker professionals. In this situation, do not play cards out of boredom that you would normally fold / fold immediately. Without patience and discipline, you will not be a successful poker player in the long run!

– Do not even think about playing any poker hand just because you got lucky a few times. Your money will be gone faster than they would like. Losing one hand (fold) is one of the most important features of poker. You should therefore look just as good at a good fold as when you win a smaller pot.

– Do not bluff your opponents with their first hand. First, watch your table and opponents to know which players are playing very good hands (Ace King, Ace Queen, Ace Ace, King King, etc.). Bluffing against these opponents makes little sense until the bitter end.

– Do not overestimate the value of their hole cards.
Although Ass-3 may seem like a good hand at first glance, the ace with the low kicker (the threes) will not give you a win in most cases, as all ace-4 aces have a stronger poker hand than You.

– Always pay attention to their position at the table
The later your position at the table, the greater your advantage, as you know before your turn which of your opponents will probably hold a strong hand. If the table shows weakness (eg it is only checked), even a rather bad hand in a late position can lead to the win of the pot.

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