Changing Your Life by Playing Poker: The World’s Richest 10 Professional Gamblers

Poker is the most money-winning gambling game. It is possible to earn millions of dollars in a night. He’s losing it.

This list is made up of players who are thought to be lucky and talented.

10. John Juanda ($ 4.4 million)

If you are interested in poker games and players, you certainly heard John.

Indonesian-born American earned $ 4.4 million a year.

It may seem like an insignificant amount of money for $ 4.4 million bigger players, but it certainly makes us say “come on the beee” look for the poor.

9. Annie Duke ($ 8 Million)

Annie Duke is an actress known as the Poker Dreams. One of the best among female players is already in the middle of the richness.

Duke sums up his story on the TV shows he participated. I had to cash in 2 bracelets to join the “World Poker Tournament”. ”

Annie Duke is someone that money does not change. He likes to make the kids smile with the help he’s given to charities. He has also worked on a DVD series where he will tell all the details of Poker.

8. Andrew Feldman ($ 10 Million)

He’s one of the youngest poker players on our list. Andrew is a citizen of the United Kingdom, a member of the Poker Premier League.

This 27-year-old man who is trying to reach rich online casinos is someone who has brought his family’s assets almost to the point of disappearance.

Fortunately, his bad luck did not last long and he became a champion by participating in the “Anonymous Gamblers” tournament. Andrew Feldman, who stared more at his eyes, went to the US and successfully reached his current wealth of professional tournaments.

7. Daniel Negreanu ($ 15 million)

From the wealthy after we left school at Daniel. It’s a difference. He is someone who left the liquor in the seminar, not the university.

This 40-year-old Canadian man has been a champion in six tournaments in total. He is the champion of 2015.

She’s a benevolent person like Annie. He says that he thinks the money is already easy for him.

He also writes and TV shows in Canada.

6. Antonio Esfandiari ($ 17 million)

The Iranian-born American is estimated to have a fortune of around $ 17 million.

It is known that he accumulated this fortune because of his ability to play impressive poker at amazing levels.

Before starting to play professional poker, Esfandiari, who worked as a magician, was invited to Texas Holdem as a result of long struggles.

Esfandiari is regarded as a way of playing games and accumulating the love of professionalism.

Pokere is a man in love.

5. Chris Ferguson ($ 25 million)

52 years old, born in California, this cowboy-looking poker player has won 5 world championships in many poker tournaments.

Ferguson came to the world as a child of a very educated family. Both parents are experts in mathematics. Her father teaches game theory at UCLA.

Ferguson is also an expert on computer science (virtual network algorithms). Ferguson, though very clever and a bit rude, today has a fortune of about $ 25 million.

He was in a difficult position from the legal point of view because he manipulated games through his site with the Ponzi Schemas

4. Erik Seidel ($ 41 million)

American Professional Poker Player Seidel is married and has two children.

This man born in Las Vegas has eight world championships. Seidel, who made a choice between playing poker and backgammon 8 years ago, now has a fortune of $ 41 million thanks to this choice. At the same time, the stock market is a man who tries his luck.

And those who left the school in the middle of the night. The Global Poker Index is in the 25th place of ranking.

3. Phil Ivey ($ 100 Million)

Ivey is undoubtedly one of the best poker players of our time. This man with 10 world championships is being shot as “Pokerin Tiger Woods”.

This young man who has not changed his money is a great philanthropist. Besides playing poker, there are two private companies.

2. Sam Farha ($ 100 million)

Lebanese-born American Sam Farha is one of the Pro Poker players. This man who has been playing poker since 1990 still has a fortune of $ 100 million despite his luxury life.

Farha, who had not won a tournament until 2003, has a book on poker strategy.

He is investing in a new reality TV series and video game. It is said to be one of the biggest philanthropists in the poker world.

1. Dan Bilzerian (Uncertain)

Even if the other 9 players in this list are not familiar, it would not be hard to recognize the first name, right?

Except for the estimated $ 200-250 million he earned from poker, he is already rich (Dan Bilzerian’s richness is solved: not Poker, his father’s money!). He has earned millions of poker tournaments and contests throughout his professional poker career.

It is very difficult to predict the size of your fortune if you think that you earned $ 10.8 million from your last tournament.

Dan Bilzerian, also an actor.

Standing at the top of the list of world’s richest actors, this playboy is the most specific evidence of the fact that everything except money is all about money.

There is no need to provide sections on the luxury life of Dan Bilzerian. Anyway, every day is absolutely out of the question.

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